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Our Process

Our Process


Step One

Initial Consultation

Call us, email us, or contact us on our Social Media! We will answer all your questions about Coastal Conversions and learn about you and the adventures you plan on taking in your van, as we prefer that our clients provide us with the van.

During this call, we will discuss your van model, floor plan, design, system requirements and any other items on your wish list. We will then have you fill out our van inquiry form so that we can send you an estimate for your review.

Step Two

Reserve Your Spot

Once you are comfortable with the estimate, a $5,000 deposit is due to secure your spot on our build schedule. 

Basic custom conversions start around $70k and can go up to $100k and higher, all depending on what the client is looking for in their conversion. This does not include the price of the van as we prefer that our clients provide us with the van. 

Step Three


Now that you reserved your spot it is time for the fun to begin! During this design stage, we will work closely with you on working out all the details. Once we have captured all the items and design features of your build, we will put together a detailed floor plan and revised contract for you to sign off on. At this time, we will invoice for 50% of the total build cost.

Step Four


In the weeks leading up to your production start date, we will begin sourcing all the components for your build. During this period, your Coastal Conversions designer will check in frequently to ensure we are giving you the best experience possible.

Step Five

Production Begins

After all the materials have been sourced, it’s time for the magic to happen! Drop off your van before your production start date, and we will get to work. 50% of the remaining balance is due at this point, and final payment is due when you pick up your van. We cannot guarantee deadlines since our work is custom, but we will work with you to schedule a pickup date as the project gets closer to completion.

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